Katie Couric Talk Show Exceeds Glucose Levels

Posted: October 16, 2012 in POP GOES THE CULTURE

If you thought Katie Couric was reporter cute, get ready for a dose of sugar that might cause your glucose levels to crash through the roof.

How best to describe Couric’s new talk show—called simply Katie?  Well, if you’re an insomniac who has tried watching 3-am television, you are familiar with this kind of faux talk-show where various guests shill for a variety of products and services from skin care products to How-to-Make-a-Million in Five Short Minutes schemes. The formula involves an over the top, curiously enthusiast host, rapt in attention, and bursting with curiosity and good will.

Here, Couric is selling the feminine experience, such as it is—complete with the gooney excited audience of middle class stay at homers, who clap and squeal with every I Am America’s Sweetheart wink and grin from Couric—and a set whose background and lighting is all pastel pinky, and soft focused—to the female guests whose crisis de jour centers on fashion, body image, and feelings.

It’s an Oprah TV cocktail without the booze shots. Didn’t Anderson Cooper try this formula already?

The parade of entrepreneurs—from Jessica Simpson and her post-baby bod selling Weight Watchers, to Heidi Klum marketing her line of children’s fashion, to a self-help maven who challenges us to ‘Dare Greatly’ and take Life by the horns—this is familiar daytime Pabulum.

Is this the same Katie Couric who stared down VP-candidate Sarah Palin and unflinchingly asked her to list the newspapers she read or what she knew about Russian politics? (I can see Russia from my house!)

Where is the Katie Couric whose husband died from colon cancer and whose campaign for cancer screenings, made me schedule a much dreaded appointment for a colonoscopy?

I don’t know, but as I watch the screen flickering its dreamy lighting into Couric’s talk show set she gets ready for a commercial break she perks:

“How do you allow yourself to be vulnerable and ‘own’ it?” the bright as a bushy-tailed Katie asks rhetorically into the camera, as she breaks for commercial.



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